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Order Wild Caught Salmon from

Community Supported Fishery

We're partnering with this great local, family-owned sustainable seafood company to offer shares of wild caught salmon to our friends and CSA members.

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Kenai-Red Fish Company is a CSF (Community Supported Fishery) that proudly delivers high quality, long lasting, sustainable wild Alaskan salmon shares to households around Oregon and Washington. Our fishing grounds are the Cook Inlet out of Homer, AK and the waters outside of Juneau, AK. By purchasing a share from us, your next salmon dinner is direct from the fisherman to your table. 

Our vision is to bring our salmon to the tables of those who care about a direct relationship with their fisherman, healthy eating, sustainable fishery practices, support of a Portland family owned small scale business, and the origins and handling of what they eat.


How To Order

Reserve a share of our 2020 catch now. We offer delivery and pick-up options and are excited to include a discount code to all Sprout and Blossom Farm members. Click here to view all of our order options and to place your 2020 order. Use the designated discount code below at checkout to save.

Pricing for all Sprout and Blossom Farm members: 

  • Coho salmon: $13.25/lb

  • Smoked salmon: $20.00/lb

Discount codes:

  • All 10 lb delivery orders: SB10

  • All 20 lb delivery orders: SB20

  • All 18 lb bi-monthly pick up orders: SB18

  • All 36 lb monthly pick up orders: SB36

  • Smoked salmon add on: SBSMOKED

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